While on the road during our recent vacation, we stayed at a place called The Wildflower Inn, which I found by googling, "family friendly Vermont." It wasn't so long ago that "family friendliness" was the number one thing I'd avoid in travel accommodations, but, well. . .

This inn was run by a guy who told us he had eight kids. EIGHT KIDS. The inn had a swimming pool, a basketball court, batting cages, a game room, petting farm, sauna, ice rink, toy room, and a full-service restaurant. I wondered if maybe that's just what happens to your house when you have EIGHT KIDS, and this guy just figured he might as well start a bed and breakfast as they gradually moved out (or grew old enough to employ). Despite all the kid-friendly amenities, we were pretty happy just to enjoy the view (and pet the animals):

I knew we had to stay there when I saw the name of the restaurant. . .

. . .where they served things like this:

We did have a great time in the pool, too. But perhaps most of all, it was really nice to stay in a place where we didn't feel like we had to spend the whole time apologizing for the fact we had kids with us.

[Although it sucks I even have to say it, we were not given any special treatment or free anything because of the blog or any promise to review/write about it. We paid the standard rate and they didn't know about this website. Sometimes I do like to write about products and places that I think are cool, but we have no interest in free products or doing reviews of anything where we did not pay full price just like anybody else]

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