The Original Detroit Techno

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I can't remember where I found this original photo. I think it was at John King Books. The photo is dated November 8, 1953, and there are notes on the back: One of the techniques of Horrible Records is to record against background noises. Tony Burrello (right) and Tom Murray wrote a song for Leonna Anderson, who sings against competition of pneumatic drill. I think it's a Detroit News archive photo.

There's not much online about "Horrible Records," but not that long ago a guy was selling the actual 78 from this session on eBay. Tony Burrello seems to have had a career as a novelty musician with some minor successes. Leonna Anderson recorded an album called Music to Suffer By and it's widely available on vinyl and even available as mp3s (my favorite song: "Limburger Lover").

This is one of my most beloved original photographs. I love the dude from the "public service" utility leaning up against the car who's all, "Jeez, would you take a look at these f&^%ing hep cats?"

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