We've got both kids' birthdays coming up in the next 30 days, and I'm trying to figure out a way to plan two fun, unique, and affordable ways to celebrate. In the past we've ordered cakes with something the kids have been into lately (last year the girl had a cake with a pheasant, and the boy's had a. . .rat).

I recently came across a blogger who makes some of the most incredible and unique birthday cakes I've ever seen. "Goody" in rural Nebraska writes Eat the Blog, a great site documenting some of the delicacies she creates (as well as her adventures homeschooling her son Danny). Check out this birthday cake she made him for his sixth birthday:

That's a 2-foot-tall Trojan horse, with a graham-cracker Troy and battling cookies meant to resemble red figure pottery. I am speechless. Here's a better view of that horse:

She also made him this cool mythology quilt:

Look how happy he is after opening an imported copy of Chapman's Homer (this makes me feel like a failure as a father):

(I wonder if it includes Chapman's preface in which he calls his critics "envious windfuckers.") Oh, and in case you think that cake is a one-off, here's a previous year's birthday cake, the H.M.S. Victory:

Damn! She even made a tiny little Admiral Nelson to go in there. And how could I ignore his 5th-birthday cake, a scene from the classic 1951 sci-fi film The Day the Earth Stood Still:

Wow. That last one might be my favorite because of the way the actual cake takes center stage as the spaceship plus the obvious effort that went into ALL THOSE COOKIES.

What a cool parent!

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