Andrew Bannecker

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When I was researching artists for our 2010 holiday card, I became upset with myself for how little I knew about the range of fantastic illustrators sharing their work on the Internet and how overwhelming it was to see so much talent out there. As I wrote before, I was honored to be asked to participate in the More Birthdays campaign from the American Cancer Society and one thing they asked me to do was take a look at some of the artists who've contributed illustrations to the More Birthdays campaign, and that's how I came across the work of Wahington D.C.-based illustrator Andrew Bannecker. Andrew's contribution to the campaign was this lovely sort of abstract piece he says represents, "the magic moment right after you blow out a birthday candle."

But when I visited Andrew's portfolio site, I was not expecting all the wonderful figurative illustrations of mustachioed animals, fire eaters, sword swallowers, pirates, and pipe-smoking gents. Check out some of my favorite selections of his work below:

I really, really love those pirates, as well as the happy horse in that last one.

I am grateful to the ACS for bringing together these artists and exposing me to Andrew's beautiful work. If you want to support the ACS by buying a copy of Andrew's print, it's available here as a wrapping paper (more birthdays!), a poster, and a limited edition print. 


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