Our New Barbour Coats

Posted by jdg | 2:28 PM | ,

So the cooler weather's finally here and I spent yesterday digging out the coats and putting away all the summer clothes. To be honest, I don't care much at all about clothes, and summer is the worst. I don't have the confidence to pull off anything other than some Levi 514s and a t-shirt when it's hot out. So one of my favorite parts of this time of year is getting out the sweaters and sweatshirts and the coats. I've worn a black Barbour waxed cotton Bedale (bottom right) for a couple years now and I love it. It's like a $400 coat but I found it new for $115 and it will last a lifetime. My wife has always admired it, so for her birthday next week I bought her a Barbour International motorcycle jacket (top three) and I gave it to her early (she looks great in it!). I also found myself another ridiculous deal on a green Cowen commando jacket (bottom left) and it's also an incredible coat. The waxed cotton makes them as rainproof as any polyester jacket but it's all natural (and made in Europe without sweatshop labor) and again, if taken care of properly it will last a lifetime. I bought a few SNS Herning sweaters super cheap over the summer and I'm looking forward to some crisp fall days.

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