So I'm doing some research on some old car stuff and I come across The Old Car Manual Project and I am instantly transported back to my childhood of wandering around various swap meets across the Midwest with my dad while he looks for parts for his old cars (this is the car I spent half my childhood watching him restore) and thumbing through old car advertising and brochures. I had forgot how wonderful the old auto ephemera art truly was. I spent way too long looking through the collection, and I was particularly transfixed by this brochure for the 1968 Firebird.  Just look at the description of the interior: "The standard---but hardly ordinary---Firebird interior sports slimline buckets in expanded Morrokide, deep-pile carpeting, simulated burl wood grain dash. . ." God, when did they stop making cars with interiors that could be used for a Playboy photo shoot? I had to look up what Morrokide was and apparently it was a special vinyl used only in 1960s Pontiacs. Something tells me making out with girls in my red 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix with the gray fender would have been better on Morrokide seats. But anyways, beautiful:

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