It is a welcome sight to finally see the stupid, alarmist mainstream media disappointingly reporting that the Swine Flu may not be as big of a deal as they'd hoped. Too bad the Chinese haven't gotten the memo. They've quarantined more than 70 Mexican tourists in hospitals despite no sign of the flu. My wife recently texted me from a 737 filled with Chinese people all wearing those stupid masks like it was sandstorm week in Beijing. Really, China? Greater Mexico City has more than 22 million people. A few dozen people have died. More people have died from toxic diarrhea in Shanghai over the last two days than have died from the swine flu in Mexico City, but I don't see you refusing to eat chicken feet.

And don't get me started about Joe Biden. Or the redneck I overheard saying how he wasn't going to eat Mexican food this week. Newsflash, redneck: Mexicans have been making ALL your food for YEARS.

Next time you want to start reporting about a pandemic, mainstream media, I'm not going to believe you until I hear a creepy hunchback outside my door yelling "bring out yer dead." And the next one had better involve boils.

All of this is just a good excuse to link to this Jolie Holland video. I rediscovered her latest album over the weekend and listened to it quite a bit.

Her best songs though, in my opinion, are from Springtime Can Kill You. I still love this song beyond words, and this one is also incredibly beautiful.

Happy Cinco de Mayo y'all.

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