Mayor Bing at the Dequindre Cut

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So Detroit got a new democratically-elected mayor this week, and at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the below-grade bicycle trail that just opened in our neighborhood I had a chance to get a nice close look at him. After too many years of a mayor pretending to be a pimp, it was just so refreshing to see a mayor who is grandfatherly and soft-spoken. He is donating his salary to put more police officers on the street and I believe that he's in this to do good for the city and not just line the pockets of his friends and family with taxpayer dollars.

It's so nice to have an adult in charge again.

He may be a carpetbagging suburban Republican-in-sheep's-clothing, but maybe that's just what Detroit needs right now. For the time being, I'm inspired and full of hope.

And with Monica Conyers' approval ratings in the toilet (and facing a real struggle for reelection), our tiara-wearing Councilwoman deciding not to run for reelection, and the election of Bing, I think it's about time suburban critics stopped blaming everything wrong with Detroit on Detroit voters.

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