The KONG Flyer

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So my daughter has dance class in Grosse Pointe and while she was pirouetting the other day I stopped into pet store (Grosse Pointe has stores you can walk to that sell more than wigs!) and spent $20 on the two best dog toys I've ever owned. The first was a new KONG Flyer (we left our previous one in Pittsburgh). My dog will chew right through an ordinary frisbee in one trip to the park, but he's so good at catching them. I go through one of these KONG frisbee things every six months or so of everyday use, but even better than its indestructability is the way it flies. I've got it down to a science how to throw these things 75 yards or so, and he chases it and catches it on the fly like this. I thought it wouldn't fly so well because it's made out of some rubber-like material, but I swear it flies better than any plastic frisbee. If your dog chases frisbees and has a tendency to chew them up, I can't recommend this product enough.*

*I don't ordinarily do product reviews and I am not getting paid or any free shit to say this (and I'm not even going to do one of the amazon partner links---you can find it yourself).

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