The World's Greatest Septic Tank Truck

Posted by jdg | 10:22 AM

With all the Helvetica-drenched / minimalist vintage graphic design out there right now, sometimes you find yourself driving behind a giant shit tank thinking, "Gosh darn it, that's the most effective logo I've seen in years." I really love the fearful skunk's stink lines. People don't draw enough stink lines these days. Plus look how shocked he is when he sees your disgusting septic tank: and he's a skunk! Yikes! Better call Al Pearson & Son. They're not afraid of shit.

Also, I love that Al Pearson's son is involved in this company. That son has a lot of character, I think, following in his father's footsteps like that. Bravo, Al Pearson's son. Also, how cool is it that they got 1-800-SEPTIC TANK as their phone number (wait, isn't that two too many digits)? Anyway, if I ever start a business and need any graphic design work, I am totally bringing this picture to the nearest bespectacled hipster and saying, "Make it just like this."

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