I love things that have been left behind in rented cabins (previously) and snooping around in the "rainy day games and activities drawer" at the cabin we rented up north, I found this set of cards and fell in love with the graphic on the box, as well as the image on the cards:

The text reads: "Any man who has hunched down in a wind-swept duck blind as time crawled slowly toward the legal shooting hour, his impatience kindled by the swish of beating winds and vague shapes hurtling overhead, will put his stamp of approval on Richard Bishop's wildfowl paintings. Bishop's works convey the very essence of hunting, the lure that makes hunters the most fanatical of all outdoorsmen."

When I got home I looked up Acme Industries, Inc. and it turns out I had seen the ruins of the old factory a few years earlier while visiting the Jackson County Fairgrounds (near the state prison!). At one time, Acme Industries was one of the country's major producers of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, utilizing convict labor from the nearby prison and providing a great deal of production to the war effort in the 1940s. The factory complex stood empty for decades and was torn down last year. Flickr user cseeman has shared some nice images of the buildings before they were torn down:

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