4-H County Fair Art

Posted by jdg | 3:44 PM

Can I be honest about something? I think I'd rather look at the art in the 4-H building of a random Midwestern county fair than visit any gallery in Manhattan.

Kyle, the fact that you love Foghorn Leghorn enough to draw him is almost enough to get a drop or two of blood flowing through my cold, dead heart.
"Hey Hey, My My, Rock-and-roll will never die. . ." (because she's a vampire)
Really, Monroe County 4-H Art Competition Judges, you only gave The Pensive Orc (2011, charcoal on paper) an orange ribbon? SIXTH PLACE? Kid was robbed. I would hang this in my living room.
If I were to self-publish the poems I wrote in high school creative writing class, I would want this to be the cover art.
My wife tells me these are royal or something. I feel like if you get to be royalty, you should be required to dress with the sash and the medals all the time. Oh, so you want to live in a heavily-guarded palace on the public's dime drinking tea and hunting pheasants and waving all day, well, you don't get to take the sash or medals off, son. I'll bet Franz Joseph hardly ever took his medals off. I'll bet Franz Joseph slept in those freaking medals.

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