So it turns out we were totally unprepared for the response to my Halloween pictorial of my son in his Robocop costume, or the hundreds of thousands of people who'd visit our site (or the millions of people who'd see it on other sites). Over the course of a few days, I found a number of major websites that took nearly all of the images from my original post and reposted them on their site, but almost all of them removed a number of the images when I contacted them about it. Also, while online discussions that have anything to do with Detroit usually devolve pretty quickly into nastiness, I was impressed by the reaction to these photos online. It made us hesitant to post the photos of our daughter in her costume during the hubbub (in case you haven't heard, some people on the internet are mean). But generally I think the Robocop Kid pictures made a lot of people happy.

So in honor of my son becoming a mini internet meme, I am going to contribute an entry to that great meme of 2008, Robocop on a Unicorn. Note: many of the original Robocop on a Unicorn pictures can be found in Olav Rokne's flickr set:

And without further ado, here he is, Robocop Kid on a unicorn:

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