These colorful William Halsey locomotive-engine prints discovered by peacay of the always-worthwhile Bibliodyssey in the online archives of Southern Methodist University in Dallas would look great printed and framed to decorate the room of a train-obsessed toddler (click on each image for the larger version):

From SMUD:
"The William Halsey Locomotive Drawing Collection contains 84 watercolor drawings by William Halsey (born ca. 1845- died ca. 1900), a railroad enthusiast probably working in the New York region as early as 1863 until the 1890s. [..]

A significant aspect of the drawings is the record of colors and paint schemes used at the time. Some of these drawings represent the only records of this form of applied decorative railroad art to survive. As a group, the engines display a wide range of colors, and frequently display schemes indicative of locomotive builders or the shop’s style that maintained them."
Visit Bibliodyssey for more pictures and information on each engine. And in the same vein, be sure to show any train-obsessed kid a good version of Buster Keaton's classic The General:

Teach them to explore beyond the shores of Sodor!


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