One of my top three favorite movies ever.

James Agee, in reviewing it, offered the effusive hyperbole he saved for those films he truly loved: "I doubt we shall ever see a film more masculine in style; or a truer movie understanding of character and of men; or as good a job on bumming, a bum's life, a city as a bum sees it; or a more beautiful job on a city. . ." It's no wonder, after that review, that Huston and Bogart worked with Agee on The African Queen (another of my favorite movies).

I watched Sierra Madre the other day and couldn't stop obsessing over the clothes. As summer really heats up, and most American men put on their uniforms of t-shirts and cargo shorts, the movie would have us believe that not-too-many decades ago, straight-up bums gold mining in Mexican deserts still dressed way better than we do. Look at Bogart's chambray shirt and those high-waisted pants:

I am particularly fond of Walter Huston's wardrobe; what would you bet that's a union suit? All old men should dress like that.


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