I think it was during those heady days of sleep deprivation right after Gram was born that we received a package in the mail from Greg Allen (of daddytypes fame) containing a Muji "Detroit in a Bag" and the bag was made so well and the buildings so accurate (including a Renaissance Center) I thought it was REAL. I wrote him a quick thank you that said something like "I can't believe Muji made a Detroit set!" and then fell asleep for six minutes before the next crying kid woke me up.

A few weeks later, I took a closer look at it and realized Greg had hacked some of his Muji cities in a bag by charring some of the buildings and painting tiny versions of the graffiti he'd seen in my photostream or in the urban graffiti alphabet book I'd created around that time. He even crafted the Renaissance Center by hot-gluing some dowel rods together to resemble the most iconic part of our modern skyline.

Some of the cars are even burned out. So damn accurate!

Now that the kids are older and the boy doesn't want to put the cars in his mouth, they want to play with it all the time. But honestly, there's a part of me that wants to say, "Hey be careful with that, Greg is an artist, and that's an extremely limited edition." 

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