Clu Gulager's A Day With the Boys

Posted by jdg | 1:21 PM

I've been wanting to write about this video since I started this blog, but I've never been able to find it on youtube or anywhere else online, so I finally figured out how to upload it myself. David Gordon Green found it while working at some sort of film vault and included it with his DVD for George Washington. Sadly, while I have uploaded both part one and part two, only the first part has Michel Mention's eerie soundtrack. I blame iMovie, Apple's video editing software that makes the bundled Windows movie editor look like Final Cut Pro. 

This avante-garde short film was written, directed, and produced by character actor Clu Gulager back in 1969, and follows a group of boys as they just sort of do the things that a pack of boys might do. In the second part, the dark side of this pack is revealed, with the boys burying the "businessman"/adult character alive, and the camera panning to reveal that they have killed others. It is beautifully shot by legendary cinematographer László Kovács, and without dialogue it stands as a poignant meditation on childhood and the wildness and potential savagery that exists within us all. 

If you have the patience, there's totally a Walt Whitman moment at the end of the film.

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