For about a year now we've been getting our milk exclusively from the Calder Dairy, a farm less than hour from downtown that you can visit any day during the week and just wander around among their many animals, watch the cows get milked, feed the calves from giant bottles, and grab a dish (and a quart for home) of the best ice cream you can imagine. The milk comes in old fashioned glass bottles and they even do home delivery just like the old days. Gram is drinking breastmilk only in the morning and evening (no more pumping) so he's going through a couple gallons of whole milk every week. I believe Calder chocolate milk may be the only explanation for the fact that I run six miles several times a week but don't lose any weight (or chins). Oh well: it's totally worth it.

Last weekend we made our spring trip to the farm. It's always nice to show a couple city kids where their food comes from.

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