People by Peter Spier
(un)Fashion by Tibor and Maira Kalman

I remember my mom reading Peter Spier's People with me as a child and I distinctly remember spending hours entranced by the detailed illustrations. And who can forget Adam and Eve's naked butts? When we found out my wife was pregnant the first time my mom bought me a new copy of it. Now my daughter loves it. Before she was born, I also picked up a copy of Tibor and Maira Kalman's beautiful book of photography (un)Fashion at Green Apple Books in San Francisco. When she was about one we started looking at this book, and we look at it together still. Now Gram loves it.*

One of my biggest complaints about the state of modern children's literature is the whole dull industry of "diversity" or "multicultural" books, which with few exceptions generally suck. They're just so earnest and boring. What I love about these two books is that they celebrate diversity just by showing the pure variety of us out there. And in doing so they show just how beautiful we all are.

*(un)Fashion does contain some nudity and several non-grisly images of dead bodies, though I can't think of a book that better celebrates life.

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