I now have filled an entire shelf with children's books from many different decades that tell stories from classical mythology. My mom sent us this one a few months ago (in addition to being lucky enough to have a mom who makes my kids gifts instead of buying them a bunch of unwanted plastic crap, she has a habit of finding really cool things during her own thrift store adventures).

Yesterday there was a pomegranate on the counter I'd bought at Eastern Market a few weeks ago that was starting to go bad (you know, with some gross black seeds but still plenty of good ones) so I gutted the thing and sat down with Juniper during one of Gram's naps and read her this book. The illustrations grew on me as the story progressed and I was a little amazed by how the book didn't gloss over some of the more risque or creepy elements of the myth. Juniper started to freak out a little when she realized how many pomegranate seeds she'd eaten after Zeus made his compromise with Demeter and Hades.

It was just a pleasant thing to do on a gloomy winter afternoon, to sit there with my daughter devouring a pomegranate and reading a story that explains it all so much better than the tilt of the earth on its axis.

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