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Easily our most enduring memory of the 2008 Beijing Olympics was when the U.S. men's gymnastics team found out they were going to win a medal. The NBC cameras were there to capture the moment as these six leprechaun beefcakes started puffing their chests and celebrating what turned out to be a bronze medal. While the Chinese men stoically pommeled, swung and hung their way to a gold medal, the impish U.S. men were shouting and jumping for the camera like they'd just won the most badass athletes category at the Source Hip-Hop Music Awards.

One of them kept saying, "This is how we roll" over and over in this high-pitched voice. I think it might have been the Desi one. Ever since then, my wife and I, and even our daughter have used a falsetto voice to say this randomly to each other in all kinds of situations. All decked out in the pink coat, hat, boots, pants, etc.? "This is how we roll." I have tried desperately to find footage of that Olympic moment, but all I could find was this picture from a shoot the gymnastics team did for Mandate Magazine. Okay, not really. But really, guys? I know each and every one of you could totally kick my ass, but you're so adorable I just want to carry you around in my pocket to protect me. And maybe once in awhile say in a tiny voice, "This is how we roll."

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